Maker in Residence: Linda Riley

Linda Riley

PPLD Maker in Residence for January/February 2019, Linda Riley learned to knit when she was a young girl, taught by her granny when growing up the Chicago suburbs. She continually grew her skills and eventually began creating her own unique patterns. Her original designs have been published in both print and online outlets. Her project portfolio ranges from simple items such as hats and scarfs all the way to full size afghans and cable knit sweaters. Mittens are her favorite item to knit!

Visit PPLD's Maker/Artist in Residence page for more information about this program.


Would any maker in residences ever open a session or two to 10 year olds? I have a daughter that would love to participate (i'd chaperone).

Thank you for your interest in the Maker in Residence program. The classes offered in this particular program are mainly focused on adults, which is why the classes are for ages 16+. However, makers also offer studio time (listed on the calendar as "Meet the Maker in Residence") when they are working on their projects and answering questions from visitors. Any age can stop by during those times, and we invite you to meet with our makers during these hours. Additionally, our Children's Services department frequently offers classes for younger ages that cover similar topics, so please explore their calendar for additional programming opportunities.

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