PPLD Named Best Workplace

Best Workplaces 2017

At an awards ceremony on Mon., Nov. 27, 2017 at the Antlers hotel, Pikes Peak Library District was named Best Workplace by The Gazette in the Extra Large Company (300+ employees) category.

According to The Gazette, PPLD "ranked high among its employees in social responsibility, providing meaningful work, confidence in leadership, being a place workers would recommend to others for employment and operating with strong values and ethics."

Here is a video The Gazette created, which was shown at the ceremony.


Hi there. We can't issue extensions on library materials unless they are returned first. Sorry about that.

Dear Friend,
"Flutter, Flutter, Butterly" is a heart-wrenching book that will make you demand justice for the comfort women who were brutally tortured by the Japanese soldiers. The juxtaposition of Soonboon's naive actions and thoughts with those of the adults around her is truly heart-breaking. No one, let alone a fifteen-year-old, should have their hopes, dreams, and innocence stolen from them in the way Soonboon's childhood innocence was ripped away from her. No one should have their right to live taken from them the way Imperial Japan and its soldiers did to so many of the Korean people. This book details events that are based on true stories, and they are not easy to read. However, I recommend that everyone read through each and every word, sentence, and page of this book. If reading just the words are hard for people to get through, imagine how hard it was for the girls who had to experience the horrific details in real life. They should not be silenced and with its words, "Flutter, Flutter, Butterfly" allows the voices of comfort women to be spoken and heard by its readers.
Title: Flutter, Flutter, Butterfly
Author: Mihee Eun
Publisher: Dorrance Publishing Co
ISBN: 978-1-4809-4114-4
Publishing Date: September 14, 2017
Reader: Teens
"Flutter, Flutter, Butterfly" is introduced to Baker & Taylor as well.
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