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There are many classic books that I have never read. I had a renewed interest in them after watching the PBS series on The Great American Read, which ranked America's top 100 list. It's hard to find time in my schedule to read, and when I do my eyes are often too tired. I have found several classic books on CD's within the Pikes Peak Library District. I am now enjoying many classics that I missed out on during my youth, as well as newer top sellers, both at home and in my car.

The Great American Read was an amazing series! Were you able to get online and vote for any of your favorites?

Toddler Time at all of the PPLD libraries has enriched my child's life. We started going as soon as my daughter turned 1. It was hard at first, it was tough for her to focus and sit still. I kept coming each week and slowly she got better. We loved the songs, we enjoyed hearing some of the same ones each week. I loved that there was a theme every week. The mixture of sitting still and movement is great for toddlers. I think this was excellent preparation for pre-school. I recommend it highly to all of my friends.

I am a native from Jamaica, and lived in London for a couple of years. I migrated to the United States in 2017 to assist my daughter with my two grandchildren. After one year, I decided that I wanted to attend college and study to be a Medical Assistant. Then the un-thinkable occurred, I did not have a High school diploma; what do I do? I was introduced to Sand Creek Library, .and the assistant was absolutely tremendous. She gave me all the information I needed.
So, at the beautiful age of fifty seven, I got registered an a GED class. I am attending classes four days per week; I am now studying four subjects, and my lecturers are awesome. Regardless; not having my own transportation, I am determined to commute whichever way I can so that I can accomplish my goal.
I took a GED ready on my language arts and scored 135, but I need 145 to pass. I am positive that my next attempt will be successful. My desire is to gain my GED certificate within six months.

I didn't finish high school because I was in a car accident. I broke my pelvis in two places. It took me over a year and a half to learn how to walk again. By the time I started to walk, all of my friends were about to graduate. My parents weren't so concerned for my education; why should I have been? Being a troubled kid and not having the support and love that I needed kind of put me in a predicament I didn't know how to get out of. I have two brothers, one older and one younger, and both of them also dropped out. No one in my family has completed high school or a GED.

After having three kids, I was dedicated to get my GED. I wasn't just doing it for myself, I had three beautiful girls that I wanted them to look up to me. I took the test and passed everything but the math. I was so disappointed that I didn't pass; math was my favorite subject. I decided to take a break, a long break. I waited ten years before I decided to finish my GED. By the time I made up in my mind I was going to go back and finish what I started, it was too late. The GED test had been revised and none of my previous credits transferred to the new edition. I had to start over. I wanted to quit before I started, but my kids were on my mind. I stressed to them how important education is - so important I needed to be an example to them.

Two years ago, I enrolled in Pikes Peak Library GED Program. It has been a struggle for me. Some days it is hard to stay focused, but I'm reminded that I'm not only doing it for myself but for my children. I have completed three out of four tests. I know I'm capable and dedicated to finish this all the way. I'm grateful to Mr. Bittner for all his hard work and being awesome.

When I finish my GED, I plan on going to College to pursue a degree in social work. I want to help lost children that are looking for love, and a person they can confide in.

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