Artists of the Knight: Chris Beasley

Chris Beasley, Artist of the Knight

Christopher "Beas J" Beasley is an accomplished poet and organizer in the community. He has been performing for about 10 years and got their start helping create Hear Here Poetry in 2009 and forming Word Wednesday Open Mic. They've competed on 4 Hear Here slam teams and in 2014 was on the team that won Group Piece Finals at NPS. Chirs continued to invest in the poetry community and sat on the board of Hear Here for 2 years. He has performed around Colorado Springs and Denver and leaves a lasting impression wherever they go. In 2017, Chris started Colorado Black Voices Matter Open Mic, designed to give voices to black poets and performers in Colorado Springs. This event grew and in 2018 the event received the best recurring poetry event by the Pikes Peak Arts Council (PPAC). Additionally, Chris also won the Literary leadership award from PPAC. He has featured for the NAACP, The Shop Open Mic, and other local venues. In 2018 Chris branched out and helped transform Poetry719 into an event and poetry organization and is the Co-Director. Chris plans and facilitates monthly events, workshops, and discussions through poetry719 and is a large part of the city's increased poetry scene.


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