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Mango LanguagesMango Languages - Learn a new language! Choose from 70 languages, including 21 English as a Second Language (ESL) options. You will need a library card and PIN to use this service.


I wanted to see if you could get me in contact with one of your instructors. We are wanting to see about an instructor coming to our place of business and teaching ESL & Spanish classes to our employees. I'm thinking that we could have class once a week for about 12-15 weeks. 719/527-4848

Hello, I wanted to know will you all have Sign Language Classes for the upcoming now in the near future?

Hello. Will you have any intro classes for Italian?

I am looking for a class to learn the basics of ASL to sign to my baby. My whole household wants to use it as our main communication so our son will know a second language thank you!

My wife and I are interested in learning how to speak Spanish, are you aware of any classes available in the COS area?
Thank you

Hello! We do not offer Spanish classes at the library, but we do have conversation groups. To find the offerings at our locations, hover over Programs in the upper nav menu and then click on All Library Programs. Then click on "Click here for Calendar view." Search for Spanish and you'll see what we have.

Most community colleges have language classes, so you could check out what Pikes Peak Community College offers: (scroll all the way down - it is on the right at the bottom).

You could also try one of our online resources called Mango Languages. It is free with a library card. Click here to access it. You will need your library card number and PIN to use it.

Would you guys be willing to get Rosetta stone? I've heard some libraries offer it and it's pretty good with teaching languages

Hi -
Thanks for your question. We have subscribed to Rosetta Stone a few years ago. The cost is fairly expensive and our usage of Mango at the time was higher than our usage of Rosetta Stone so we decided to discontinue. We will review the product again and see if it is possible.
Thank you!

I’m looking for the best place to learn Korean/ Hangul. Does the library have any classes? Or can you please recommend a place ore person? Thank you.

Hi. I am interested in learning Czech and wondering if any of the teachers here have any connections for anyone? Looking for more of a private tutor type platform.

Hi, I would like to learn Spanish for my interest and travel. Is Spanish class available? If not now, is it possible to have the class soon in 2020?

I would like to start learning Spanish on my own.
Do you guys offer classes?
If not, Is there a language software that I can access? - I do not have a library card but would like to get one.


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