Discover Something New! Discovery Kit Relaunch

We are excited to announce the relaunch of our Discovery Kits this month! These interactive kits allow you to explore new hobbies and interests from home. We have kits for all ages. Explore robotics and wiring, weaving on a loom, Lego Mindstorm builds, blanket forts, and more.   

Children will have a fun introduction to coding basics using the Code & Go Robot Mouse Activity Set, which comes with a programmable robot mouse. Using plastic track pieces, they can build a maze the mouse must travel through for a piece of cheese at the end. They can also lay out directional cards to help visualize what they need to program into the mouse so it can reach the goal.  

Get hands-on science learning with the Survive the Quake Engineering Kit. Use interlocking blocks resembling buildings to experiment with different architectural designs on a plate that simulates seismic activity. Turn it on to see how your facility would fair in an earthquake.  

Tinker with the Electronic Playground and have fun experimenting with circuitry and electronics. Find out what happens when you connect wires to transformers, resistors, switches, and other parts of the switchboard. 

Discovery Kits can be reserved for checkout for a maximum of seven days. Learn more about the kits we have available here.