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The Moon: Science and Culture

Sat., Oct. 20 is International Observe the Moon Night. Commemorate by joining PPLD and the Colorado Springs Astronomical Society for The Moon: Science and Culture.

The Moon has been part of our lives since the early ages of humans walking the Earth. The very march of time was measured by the reliable passage of the Moon across the skies. It has found itself the subject of art and literature covering genres from romance to horror. The Moon gives us dreams of a place to explore and of a place to someday call home. Join the Colorado Springs Astronomical Society as we examine the role the Moon has played to inspire art, storytelling and a desire to explore. Along the way we’ll unveil some of the mysteries of the Moon that we’ve learned from the study and exploration of our nearest neighbor.

Lunar observing will take place after the programs at Library 21c and Fountain Library, weather permitting.

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