East Paver

Purchasing an East Library commemorative brick paver is a great way to honor family and friends, celebrate events, or to publicize your organization or business. Your purchase of an East Library brick paver also contributes to providing 21st Century Library service through innovative library spaces and technology for everyone in our community.

Please note: Please express your East Library brick paver inscription in the "Gift Preferences" section below.

Brick pavers are limited to 12 characters per line to include spaces. Installation may take up to 6 - 9 months.

Please contact Lance M. James or call (719) 531-6333, x6890 for more information.


Please let me know if there are too many characters listed for the brick; I was a little confused about how they would be counted. The middle name can be changed to "R." if it is too long (or left out altogether.)

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