PPLD Opens KCH for Community Programs

Knights of Columbus Hall (KCH)

Pikes Peak Library District is proud to announce a partnership with local community collectives of DIT (do-it-together) arts professionals, offering building space for their free and low-cost community programs in the Library District’s Knights of Columbus Hall (KCH). Located on the Penrose Library Campus at 25 W. Kiowa St., the historic building is experiencing a renaissance as home to a wide variety of arts events such as music and art shows, zine and printing workshops, dance instruction, and artist conferences.

The principal partner in the opening phase of these experimental programs is Flux Capacitor, a supportive, engaging, all-volunteer community of teens through adults who actively plan and attend arts-centered events. Flux staff have been hosting concerts and arts events in Colorado Springs for more than a decade, and in the last two years, have hosted over 500 music and art shows. Also using the facility during this experimental stage are Peach Press and the Non-Book Club Book Club.

Events are currently limited to 49 attendees until a reevaluation of the building’s CSFD Occupancy Rating is completed and renovations to the building can be completed. Entrance to all KCH events are from the lower Penrose Library parking lot, where parking is plentiful and free after 6 p.m.

For more information, check out the recent press coverage of this new partnership:


El Paso Conservation District is now selling rain barrels to catch rainwater.We were wondering if you had any classes on water conservation that we could attend and give information out about our rain barrels. We would appreciate any help you could give us. The proceeds from this event go to our Education Program which supports scholarships for college age students, Camp Rocky, a conservation camp in Divide CO, and our local conservation poster contest that includes middle school students.

Hi, Pamela. We have passed your comment and the contact information for your organization along to our Programming Team, which sets up events and classes throughout the Library District. If they have something that would be a good fit, they will be in touch!

Take care,

Jeremiah Walter
Marketing Specialist
Pikes Peak Library District

Can the space be used for community group, but only for group members. Or would it have to be open to people outside your group also?

Thanks for your question Monica. At this time Knights of Columbus Hall is closed while we complete some safety and convenience improvements. We anticipate that the facility will open again in early 2019. Although we are still in the early stages of reviewing procedures for the use of Knights of Columbus Hall, I anticipate that the space will continue to be available for private events when it reopens in 2019. Please check with us early next year.

I was interested in finding out if the hall would be open for private events and who the contact would be. Our elementary school is looking for a location to have a meeting in April/May. Who would be the best person to contact to find out more information?

Hi Terry, Thank you for inquiring about the availability of Knights of Columbus Hall (KCH) for private events. We are just finishing up a construction project that will add a fire protection system and a new handicap accessible restroom to KCH. This project will increase capacity of the main hall to 195 people. We plan to reopen KCH early this summer. The focus of KCH will be community events, but we hope that there will be opportunities for private events as well.

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