What's New: Friends of PPLD

Please join us for the Annual Membership Meeting of Friends of PPLD.

When: Sat., Jan. 22, 2022, 10 a.m. to noon

In person:
    Library 21c, West Window Wall
    1175 Chapel Hills Dr., Colorado Springs, CO 80920
    Doors open at 9:30 a.m., Upper Level entrance

Via Zoom on your computer, tablet or smart phone:
    Meeting ID: 854 9223 6160
    Passcode: 584748

Click here for meeting details

For many years, Friends of PPLD has sponsored the distribution of BookPage magazines to patrons throughout our Library District. These monthly recommendation guides for readers highlight the best new books across all genres chosen by the editors. Free copies are available at your local Library's Friends area.

The Friends of PPLD are proud to announce that we have recently become part of a pilot program to provide online access to this popular resource! Head on over to https://www.bookpage.com/ppld/ to check it out - and BONUS - you can access past issues here too!

Don't worry, physical copies will still be available! You are always welcome to come by and visit your Friends.

The Friends of the PPLD holds two big book sales per year, typically in March and October.

Tentative dates for 2022 are

  • March 11, 12 and 13
  • October 7, 8 and 9

Watch this space for details!

The results are in!

The Betty Field Youth Memorial Writing Contest, sponsored by the Friends of Pikes Peak Library District, is writing contest for youth in grades 6-12 that focuses on mystery stories.

This year, 90 students submitted stories to the contest. These submissions were judged anonymously by volunteers from the Friends of the Library and Pikes Peak Library District staff, who entered over 400 scores for the stories!

6th Grade:

  • 1st place: "Pluto Found Missing" by Madalynn Moorhead
  • 2nd place: "Friend or Foe?" by Tristan Kumar
  • 3rd place: "The Girl Erased from Time" by Hudson Sheperd

7th Grade:

  • 1st place: "Scootered" by Jace Baehman
  • 2nd place: "The Dissociative Killer" by Raina Seybert
  • 3rd place: "The Case of the Cullinan Diamond" Daniel Bloomfield

8th Grade:

  • 1st place: "Buried Memories" by Isabelle McNett
  • 2nd place: "A Walk in the Woods" by Marian Griffiths
  • 3rd place: "A Hole in the Roof" by Cannon Lockburner

9th and 10th Grade:

  • 1st place: "Provocation" by Elaine Zou
  • 2nd place: "Blue Girls and Zombie Kits" by Riley Ferl
  • 3rd place: "The Ridge" by Angel Jimenez

11th and 12th Grade:

  • 1st place: "The Puppetmaster" by Sierra Montgomery
  • 2nd place: "Mystery of the Missing Happiness" by Evelyn Peake
  • 3rd place: "An Odious Case" by Christian Alvis

Winners will be contacted via email with information about their prizes.

The Friends of the Pikes Peak Library District are now selling books online, through Amazon. The Friends growing online collection features an assortment of both non-fiction and fiction, including history, textbooks, best-sellers and more.

You can see the collection on our Amazon Storefront at Amazon.com/shops/FriendsofPPLD. Purchases benefit Pikes Peak Library District. Now you can purchase books for yourself and help us provide books for others. Contact us if you have questions.

To join the Friends of the Pikes Peak Library District, please complete a membership application or visit our Join Us page.

Member benefits include:

  • Discounts at all Friends bookstores and biannual book sales
  • Advance notice of book sales
  • Invitations to special events
  • Early entry to biannual book sales
  • Meeting and working with other literate, interesting people who care about preserving valuable community resources
  • Feeling good about supporting a vital resource that benefits our whole community.