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Arab American Month Display

Arab American Heritage Month highlights and celebrates the rich culture and achievements of Arab Americans and Arab-speaking Americans throughout U.S. history. In 2017, Arab America and the Arab America Foundation launched the National Arab American Heritage Month initiative, which Congress recognized as a National Initiative in 2022. Celebrate by exploring the booklists and web resources on this page!


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Lady of a couch reading a tablet with Consumer Reports logo with text below "Use your library card to access consumer reports"

For anyone considering a major purchase such as a new vehicle, a comfortable mattress upgrade, or new appliances, a subscription to the Consumer Reports database is a good place to start. You will find unbiased ratings and reviews, performance scores, shopping advice, how-to videos, and the latest product news, among other helpful information. Consumer Reports can help you save money, shop smartly, and live better.

With your PPLD library card, you don’t need a subscription to access Consumer Reports. This database is available at any Library location. El Paso County residents (with a library card that starts with a 4) can use their library card to access this database from home.

If you aren’t quite sure what products to consider such as what mattress or crib to purchase, peruse articles reporting on the best of that type of product. If you already have several possibilities in mind, you can search them in the database to find and compare product specifications, rating, safety, and cost information to help find the best product for your needs. This database goes beyond product information with articles exploring ways to keep your home up-to-date, travel tips, things to consider for insurance, starting a college savings plan, getting better sleep, and more.

If you’re on a hunt for a new vehicle, visit the Cars section to find exclusive test results and survey findings to help you choose the best vehicle for you. You can explore by vehicle type, make, model, and year if you already have some options to consider, or peruse lists of the most reliable or cost-effective vehicles to find a good starting point. Road tests, overall scores, features lists, and pricing breakdowns offer key insights.

In addition to product information for items you are considering, you will find interesting articles with tips for updating and improving different areas of your home. Browse the Home & Garden section for a wide variety of products, including bed and bath, home improvement, kitchen, lawn and garden, and tools and power equipment. Learn how to furnish your bedroom for a more restful sleep, get expert tips on staining decks, read up on the Right to Repair movement, and more. 

There are even sections with information you can use beyond making purchasing decisions. The Babies section, for example, supports parents making safer and smarter choices for new family members. Explore articles about electronics and internet safety, financial planning, travel tips, and much more. You will even find articles on using privacy features of popular social media apps like Facebook. With more sections to explore, there is a lot more to discover in Consumer Reports.  

Hands outstretched graphic with text: "Autism Acceptance Month"

Explore diverse, varied experiences across the autism community with Pikes Peak Library District during Autism Acceptance Month this April. Below, you will find related booklists, resources, and websites.


  • Scroll to the bottom of the page for the Adult Nonfiction and Adult Fiction booklists
  • Childrens booklist


  • Library Sensory Tour videos
    Get a sensory-friendly preview of each of our Library locations, complete with information about sensory accommodations available at each.